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Hie, my name is Yin Teing.

I’ve written “About me” in my other sites:

Yes, I have a couple of blogs registered under my own domain and a few more that I build and help others to run. I juggle this between my full time job and my family- it’s a hobby that stayed true to me for years.

There have been a lot of changes especially within the past 5 years or so. I quit my corporate job and left for a year without working.  Did a lot of soul searching and learned to face up to my greatest fears (including those supressed since childhood). Then when I came back I took a paycut job for another year. And now I am back in corporate work again. 

In person I am very plain, unassuming, have bad taste in dressing and low profiled-took me sometime to develop that persona (or lackof) but I find life’s more peaceful that way.

If you would like to contact me, you can drop me a message- your comment will not be published, and I would do my best to reply.

Have a great day, ya.