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Hie, my name is Yin Teing.
I’ve written “About me” in my other sites:

At first, I had used free hosting like Yahoo Geocities and Blogspot since 2002. In 2008, I bought my own domain name and migrated my blogs from Blogspot to paid hosting.

In the beginning, I started building my own site to share my crafts and creations with the world. I was very inspired by crafters worldwide who build websites to showcase their creations.
Eventually, my interest evolved into blogging and also making little tweaks and improvements to my sites. Having no background in IT and also a full time job and family to care for, I do my best to create sites that are user friendly to the best of my ability. But mainly, most of my sites are very content orientated.
The interest I have in building sites helped shape my career and I eventually moved on to be the content provider and managing the intranets for two organizations that I worked for. I also manage the communication to officers. I am grateful that I get paid to do the job I love…taking care of information portals and writing communication.
However, due to changes in circumstances, I gave up my job in 2017 to focus on my family. In a way, this has also given me more time to update my blogs.

I’ve created and maintained a number of blogs due to the different interests that I have. Some did okay and have a steady stream of visitors while some flopped. Trying and testing various ideas all these years is starting to make me figure out what works and what does not.
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